Bringing Smiles To Children Fighting Illness

One Toy At A Time


Illness Is Tough On Children. The Least We Can Do is Help To Put A Smile On Their Face... Our Goal Is To Make Illness A little Less Traumatic One Toy At A Time.
Toys For Children With Illness

Children love toys…We help children fighting illness put a smile on their face with toys.

Fighting Illness With Smiles

A child fighting illness goes through an extremely traumatic experience. Making the experience a bit less traumatic with toys and smiles helps win the fight.

Kid’s WishList – Turning Dreams Into Reality

With our “Kid’s Wishlist” dreams really do come true. A child wishes for a specific toy and ta-da!…It appears.

About Us

We Are Simply Trying to Make The Lives of Children Better - One Smile At A Time...
We are all about SMILES...

At smiles4toys we hope to make a big difference in the lives of children with illness by doing something small. Children love toys and we love when children smile and forget about the daily pain and suffering that illness brings. It is because of this that we concentrate on bringing children with illness their favorite toys. From stuffed animals to the latest electronic gadgets we try to make these children's wishes come true. One toy at a time...

  • Smiling

    Smiling is shown to boost ones health. This is in addition to helping a child forget about their illness.

  • Childhood Illness

    Treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, which is the most common childhood cancer improved from less than 10% in the 1960's to over 90%.


    Toys have been shown to cause smiles in nearly 100% of children:)

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